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Unwritten Blackjack Rules

Playing blackjack at on online casino versus playing in a real land casino is a bit different, with to certain 'unwritten blackjack rules'. When you play online, it's typically you against the computer and you let your mouse do the talking or signaling for you. In a land casino however, blackjack is a very social game. If there are other players at the table, it's very likely that some conversation and camaraderie might develop. Knowing the proper etiquette and unwritten blackjack rules is important if you want to avoid certain uncomfortable situations and possibly even scolding from dealers. Below we've outlined a few for you.

  1. Before you sit at a blackjack table where a game is already in progress, be polite and ask the player or players that are already there whether or not they mind
  2. To place a bet, place your chips in a neat stack in the center of your betting circle, with the largest denomination at the bottom of the stack
  3. Don't touch your bet once the cards are dealt
  4. In a face-up game, don't touch your cards. In a facedown game, use only one hand to touch your cards. Be careful not to bend them and be sure to keep them over the table
  5. Use clear, unambiguous hand signals, not words
  6. If you'd like to tip the dealer, place a bet for him on the edge of your betting circle closest to him. If your hand wins, the dealer keeps that bet and its winnings
  7. It's fine to have a strategy card close at hand as you play, but try not to refer to it on every single play, especially if you might be slowing the game down (annoying to other players). The best pre-game solution for this is for you to practice using our own free blackjaack game, so that when you're in the real money situations you'll already be very familiar with the fundamentals
  8. Let the dealer know when there has been an oversight or error of some sort. For example, don't let him/her pass you by if you'd wanted a card. Try also to do your own mental totaling of your hand - dealers are humans so they can sometimes make mistakes with the various additions

Follow these unwritten blackjack rules and you should be in good stead for some exciting blackjack gambling at the casinos. The pressure and formality is not as great when you're playing online so we definitely recommend that 'newbies' to blackjack bring themselves 'up to speed' using our free blackjack game.

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